Polly moved to Nigeria from the UK in 1989. For many years she lived in Ibadan, Oyo State. Between 2005 and 2011 she was based in South Africa. She now works from her studio in Lagos. Polly has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the UK, France, Nigeria and South Africa, where her work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections. Polly is a trained teacher and has been continuously involved in educational programs. She also has written and illustrated Children's books for publishers in the UK, EU, USA and Nigeria.

Creative community arts programs are a core part of Polly’s work. She works in partnership with MOE+ Architects and A White Space Creative Agency to develop creative urban spaces.

“Besides running her thriving studio practice, Polly has invested in teaching creative courses to children and adults throughout her career. Her community art projects in South Africa, Ghana, as well as in northern Nigeria, Ibadan and Lagos have strengthened marginalized communities’ identity and cohesion. Polly’s work as a designer, artist & illustrator, educator and social activist has distinguished her in the eyes of the local and international community; her heart for people allows her to relate well with all ethnic groups and social classes. Her deep commitment to social justice and human rights alongside showcasing the wealth of African culture shines through in all her work.”

Sandra Mbanfo Obiago Founder & Artistic Director, SMO Contemporary Art Founder & Executive Director, Communicating for Change

“Polly is particularly interested in the human form and the portrayal thereof. Her architectonic figures languish within their laconic environment in timeless serenity, self-contained and unperturbed. Her canvases are inhabited by gentle giants of nature, whose energy is conserved in a permanent lethargy, where rich colour contrasts, brushwork, form and texture dominate.”

Barbara Lindop - Art historian, biographer of Gerard Sekoto